PDF Generator API vs Adobe Document Generation API

Feature comparison

As we were scouring the web for some potential competitors for PDF Generator API, we came across four platforms with similar features. Here is our take on what makes PDF Generator API stand out from the crowd.

Adobe Document Generation API allows you to take your JSON data and easily merge it to create PDF or Word documents. As this functionality is quite similar to the other solutions already mentioned, let's dive into some pros and cons of this solution. It offers mostly the similar functionality as PDF Generator API, naming the hiding of components, multiple pages, custom fonts. It lacks the ability to embed the editor into your own application and you are not able to use version control of your template, limitations also apply in their export/import capability. The main difference is that you are paying per generated document, (0,05$ per one) and it is not possible to have an on-premise solution.

It seems the PDF customization and generation tools market is quite abundant and there are many companies battling it out for the attention of customers. However, we also see that PDF Generator API has some features that are unmatched by any of the other platforms. Among other features, we are the only ones that offer our clients support video calls and last, but not least - we are by far the most cost competitive platform among the whole bunch. Not to mention, the most technically capable. So please - do check out PDF Generator API and sign up for the 3-month, no obligation sandbox account!

Category Functionality PDF Generator API Adobe Document Generation API
Drag & Drop Fields
Multiple pages
Signature field
Custom fonts
Use PDF as template
PDF Editable Form Fields
Ability to embed the editor into your application
Conditionally hide pages
Ability to iterate over a list of items
Background image
Conditionally format and hide components
Support Support video call
Chat support
Help with the initial template when evaluating the product
Template settings Export/Import template between workspace
Template versioning/restoring
API API Access
Generate multiple templates, batch generation
Edit template definition and components via API
Integration with low code & no code platforms
Deployment options Cloud (SaaS)
Enterprise deployment (Saas)
On-premises deployment
Price Starting from $59/2500 merges ($0.05 per one merge) $125/2500 merges