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Cubist Cloud – arts sector asset management for the 21st century

Cubist Cloud aims to bring the very traditional arts sector into the 21st century by providing them with a platform for managing their assets online. We spoke with Phil Anderson, CEO.

What is it that your company does (in your own words)?

Cubist Cloud is an online CRM for Art Galleries, Museums, and Artists that allows them to keep track of their Inventory (for stock checks, availability statuses, consignments, and sales), contacts, shows, and manage the data on their website.

Cubist Cloud Asset Management
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What were the main problems you had with generating documents, and how did you solve those before?

In the previous version of Cubist Cloud, we generated PDF templates, but these were managed via the codebase and required developer action to create new or make amends to templates. We needed a solution that allows for more flexibility and control for users.

Why did you choose PDF Generator API?

We browsed the internet for solutions and found this immediately. After speaking with Erik (at PDF Generator API) and understanding the possibilities available, we understood that this was a perfect match for our requirements.

What is the main value you are getting out of this?

See point 2. We needed a solution that required non-code experience for our support engineers and users to be able to manage their PDF outputs. This also takes the responsibility away from the development team, allowing them to concentrate on other projects.

Could you describe your savings with PDF Generator API – whether in financial terms or time spent?

It is unclear, at the moment still,  if the implementation gave us any savings other than development time. We are currently in an onboarding stage where clients are moving to the new version and solution, so time will tell. We are hoping that clients will be able to manage these entirely on their own, and we will have to spend no time ourselves (or very little updating these for them.)

Who would you recommend our product to and why?

I would recommend PDF Generator API to anyone that is looking for flexible and straightforward PDF generation from an online platform. The API is powerful and allows for good integration with our system.

Cubist Cloud
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