Logistics has and will always be a document-heavy sector. The shipping industry has, in terms of documentation involved, remained the same for over a hundred years. To this day - Bills of Lading, Packing Lists, etc need to be printed out and physically sent to the recipient of the goods across the world. This makes Logistics an ideal use case for PDF Generator API.

Some of the document types characteristic to the logistics sector:

  • Bills of Lading
  • Packing Lists
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Pro-forma invoices

With PDF Generator API, logistics teams are able to automatically generate the needed documentation based on data in their logistics software. The document templates can be modified using our simple-to-use drag-and-drop template editor. By integrating PDF Generator API into your day-to-day logistics workflows, you are able to pull the data from your system and populate these templates, automatically. And the best part is - there is no coding required!

Read the case study with Fleet Complete to see how PDF Generator API can help you improve your customer experience.

How PDF Generator API works?

Don’t worry about the document generation layer in your software - we will handle it.


Create a Template

Create templates with our browser-based drag-and-drop document editor.


Send an API request

Merge templates with data from your software using our REST API.


Get the document

Receive a PDF or HTML document which you can download or store in your software.

What our customers say about us?

I would recommend PDF Generator API to everyone that needs to print something into PDF. Think about it: if you are creating software that focuses on accounting then you want to focus on accounting. You shouldn't waste time with coding fancy forms that you can easily drag-drop using PDF Generator API.
PDF Generator API allows our customers to quickly design and print multiple template types for Invoices, Picking/Packing Slips, Drop Notes, Address labels and pretty much any other document. Building a similar functionality in-house would have cost a lot of money in terms of resource.

Example templates

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with our editor, for more examples click here.

Form FDA 2253

Form FDA 2253



Packing Slip with Images

Packing Slip with Images

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