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Here are some case studies on our good customers

By now, we have customers in many different sectors - from airlines and brick-and-mortar store to government agencies. Here is what some of them have to say about PDF Generator API.

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Cubist Cloud – arts sector asset management for the 21st century

Cubist Cloud aims to bring the very traditional arts sector into the 21st century by providing them with a platform for managing their assets online. We spoke with Phil Anderson, CEO. What is it th...

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invock pdf generator api case study

Invock – bridging the gap between manufacturing and online sales

Invock is an automated assistant for wholesale inventory business solutions. We spoke to Pratik Chopra, Founder of Invock. Invock helps companies bridge the gap between manufacturing and online sal...

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Ives - Experienced Agents

Ivesins – a family-run brokerage since 1966

Ivesins (Ives Insurance Brokers) is an insurance broker specializing in commercial insurance,  property & casualty, liability, and workers’ compensation, among others. Founded in 196...

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Brikl – Purchase Orders, Sales Reports and Order Detail Documents at Scale

Founded in 2016, Brikl is a platform that set out to make the lives of custom and promotional business owners easier by providing them with a complete toolset for reducing the effort, cost and chao...

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Paragon ERP_PDF Generator API_Header

Paragon ERP – Leveraging Whitelabel Template Editor

Paragon ERP is a suite of fully integrated, cloud-based management tools built for small to large enterprises. Their integrations also include PDF Generator API, so we decided to have a chat with J...

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Katana MRP — Scaling Business with Best-in-Class PDF Generator

Katana is an MRP Software catering to the needs of manufacturing businesses both small and large. The sweet spot of a client for Katana is a small to medium-sized producer that is current...

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Veeqo — Utilizing the WYSIWYG PDF Template Editor

Veeqo is an inventory and fulfilment platform bringing together e-commerce merchants and various service providers. Through Veeqo, merchants have access to features like inventory and order ma...

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Autobahn — Generating a Bundle of Different Documents with PDF Generator API

Autobahn is a cloud-based software solution that connects importers of cars with their dealers and customers. Think of it as a B2B wholesale platform for cars. Better yet – Autobahn has solut...

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Rendin — Generating Rental Agreements at Scale in PDF

Rendin is a startup that has set out to be the safest and most convenient rental agreement platform in the world. Rendin offers a modern, safe and efficient solution for long term home rental agree...

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Bigbank — Document Template Management Solution

We have significantly improved our product over the past few years which has allowed us to venture into realms that were previously out of our reach – sectors that have a high degree of regul...

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