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ecommerce, multichannel, order management

Veeqo is an inventory and fulfilment platform bringing together e-commerce merchants and various service providers. Through Veeqo, merchants have access to features like inventory and order management, reporting and forecasting, shipping and warehousing, and digitalization, to name a few. They do this by directly integrating with the world’s most popular retail applications, including e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, POS systems, and more.

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property tech, rental agreement platform

Rendin is a startup that has set out to be the safest and most convenient rental agreement platform in the world. Rendin offers a modern, safe and efficient solution for long term home rental agreements for signing, managing and securing tenants liability with insurance. Furthermore, landlords can take advantage of Rendins pre-screening of possible tenant candidates.

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finance, banking

We have significantly improved our product over the past few years which has allowed us to venture into realms that were previously out of our reach - sectors that have a high degree of regulatory compliance and heightened security concerns. One of such sectors is banking. We recently sat down with Keit Adamson, Head of Architecture at Bigbank - an international bank with personalized products, operating in nine countries in Europe and offering consumer deposits and loans. Why did Bigbank opt for PDF Generator API and what were their pain points they were trying to solve - read further!

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fleet management, task management, asset management

Fleet Complete is on a mission to bring transformative solutions to any fleet-owning business by providing them with a wide range of services for effective and efficient fleet management. Fleet Complete utilizes PDF Generator API in their Field Service Management solution. We sat down with Kristjan Annus, Fleet Complete’s Technical Manager to discuss the value they receive from PDF Generator API.

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