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Create Your Free Sandbox Account

You can use the free Sandbox Account for 3 months to evaluate and integrate the API.
The Sandbox Account allows you to make 2500 merges per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Sandbox Account"?

All users start with the Sandbox account which is a fully functional PDF Generator API account that you can use to evaluate and integrate the API. The Sandbox Account can be used for free for 3-months and you can make up to 2500 merges per month. Once you are ready to go to production you can just upgrade your account and all your users and templates are available after the upgrade.

What are “merges” and how are they counted?

The monthly usage (merges) is calculated based on the number of document generation requests multiplied by the number of unique datasets in the request. Single document generation: You make a document generation request and send a single dataset or an array that contains a single dataset. In that case, you generate one document and your monthly usage is increased by one. Batch document generation: You make a document generation request and send an array that contains multiple datasets. For example, if the array contains three datasets, then your monthly usage is increased by three.

What is a "Dedicated deployment"?

We provide the Dedicated deployment to our Enterprise customers who need more control over their environment. You will have a separate deployment that only serves your application and you can generate up to 1 million documents monthly. It is also possible to use your sub-domain and set up a custom editor theme that uses your application colour scheme. The service can be deployed to our United States or European infrastructure. We also provide on-premises deployment, for more information please contact

What information do you store?

We don't store any data used to generate the document or the generated document itself. We only store the template structure and any static text which is added to the template. If you use the output=url option, we will store the document for 30 days and then it will be automatically deleted.

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