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Create PDF using our HTML converter API. Send your HTML file to PDF Generator API via a simple web api call and get back a high-quality PDF file. With our HTML to PDF converter you can generate pdf documents at scale. It means you can avoid all the trouble of building and maintaining your HTML to PDF converter but still scale your business exponentially. Give it a try, you might like it.

You can use the free Sandbox Account for 3 months to evaluate and integrate the API. The Sandbox Account allows you to make 2500 merges per month.
PDF Generator API
PDF Generator API

Generate PDF from HTML with PDF Generator API

Converting a file to PDF is easy for every developer, but working with an HTML converter enables you to automate the workflow and handle the conversion of HTML to PDF at scale. While you could build your HTML to PDF converter, it would take away valuable time from building your core functionality. So, focus your time on building valuable features and use PDF Generator API for converting your HTML files to PDF.

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Why convert HTML files to PDF?

It is very easy to generate an HTML document in any web application, even on low code and no code platforms. HTML files, however, are not a suitable format for archiving documents and for using the documents in other applications. The best format for universal use and storage of your documents is PDF files because PDF is displayed in the same way in any application. In addition to that, PDF files are the best format if you need to print your documents like invoices, packing slips, shipping labels etc.

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Enable your end-users to create and manage PDF document templates

Working with HTML files and converting HTML to PDF is the perfect solution in many cases. However, when your end-users start demanding different customisations, you will find yourself building a solution for various edge cases. Instead of hardcoding, enable your end users to create and modify several document templates with a powerful drag-and-drop online PDF Editor and leverage the full power of PDF Generator API.

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What is the PDF Generator API?

PDF Generator API is a document generation tool built for developers. Regardless of the industry, working with printable PDF documents is inevitable. Although creating a document generation layer in a software solution is not the most complex problem, it presents a number of challenges that waste time and could be used for building more valuable features. This is why we have decided to develop the best PDF document generation tool for developers.

You can use the free Sandbox Account for 3 months to evaluate and integrate the API. The Sandbox Account allows you to make 2500 merges per month.

PDF Generator API Features

  • Convert HTML to PDF
  • Drag and drop document template editor
  • Powerful expression language
  • On-premises deployment
  • GDPR compliant
  • Enable users to create document templates
  • Elaborate Workspace logic
  • Easily merge your data with PDF template
  • Personalized enterprise deployment
  • PDF/A-3b, and PDF 1.7 standards

Zapier, and other integrations are available for you to implement the service without any coding.

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