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Invock – bridging the gap between manufacturing and online sales

Invock is an automated assistant for wholesale inventory business solutions. We spoke to Pratik Chopra, Founder of Invock.

Invock helps companies bridge the gap between manufacturing and online sales. In India, a large proportion of producers are still using legacy solutions to run their operations, and connecting production and online sales has been a challenge. For this to run smoothly, manufacturers would need to make considerable investments into upgrading their technology stack and integrating with online marketplaces, using predominantly Whatsapp, but in many cases, not economically viable. This is where Invock steps in. 

Invock enables producers to take advantage of some of the latest cutting-edge technological solutions in accounting, billing, and inventory management available on the market. In essence, they are helping Indian companies in transferring their so far paper-based businesses into the digital era by integrating with their platform, combining a wide selection of tools for the modern marketplace.

Invock utilizes the functionality of PDF Generator API to provide their customers with the tools for managing their printouts – be it invoices, barcodes, or other relevant documents. And they do this at great volume, making PDF Generator API an essential tool for them.

The most significant value for Invock (as for many others) lies in our visual template editor and the ability to modify templates according to customer input quickly. As their volumes tend to fluctuate month-to-month, adjusting to the changing conditions flexibly is also a major benefit.

Even though there are many good examples of use cases where PDF fits in well, Pratik would suggest PDF Generator API specifically to ERP and billing solutions providers.

Pratik Chopra

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