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Ivesins (Ives Insurance Brokers) is an insurance broker specializing in commercial insurance,  property & casualty, liability, and workers’ compensation, among others. Founded in 1966 and based in San Diego, California, Ivesins is a family-run brokerage. Being a user of our Wix Velo low-code integration, we decided to reach out to Paul Tartre to learn more.

What Paul points out right off the bat is how easy their implementation of PDF Generator API has been. The challenge Ivesins was looking to tackle was building a price calculator to be used in providing insurance quotes for its portfolio of customers, who are mainly institutional property managers and the like. So essentially, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to customize the outbound quote templates to include the necessary data field, and generate the final proposal documents from information already in their database. This information might include property and liability coverage, deductibles, and policy comparisons, to name a few. Based on this information, and by adding some open text fields, the users can generate the final proposal and deliver it to the end customer. Once the customer approves the proposal, the insurance agent can generate the final evidence document to seal the deal.

What Paul points out, right off the bat, is how easy their implementation of PDF Generator API has been.

Very similar to a lot of our customers, Paul came across PDF Generator API via a simple Google search – he typed in Wix+PDF and discovered we might have precisely what he needs.

As with most of our customers, implementing PDF Generator API was extremely easy for Ivesins. Paul only had good words to say about our support team, who helped him throughout the implementation process. Paul also points out that it would have been challenging to build a similar tool in-house and would have taken extensive resources and time, considering this was a totally new use case for them.

Paul would recommend PDF Generator API to any developer that needs to integrate and produce PDF outputs from their data. And can appreciate the visual template editor, which Paul points out is one of the most valuable components of the PDF Generator API service.





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