Easily create transactional PDF documents from your Wix Velo site

Whether you need to create invoices, packing slips, contracts or labels, PDF Generator API helps you easily create the document templates and generate polished documents with the data you already have available. You can even allow your users to modify their templates without any development effort!

You can use the free Sandbox Account for 3 months to evaluate and integrate the API. The Sandbox Account allows you to make 2500 merges per month.
PDF Generator API
PDF Generator API


Wix Velo is a full-stack development platform that empowers you to build, manage and deploy professional web apps rapidly. You can use PDF Generator API to quickly generate PDF documents using the data you already have in your Velo site (e.g. store orders, database records etc.). You can find the example integration built with Velo and PDF Generator API here.



Here are some use-cases that you might have in your application. If you have a use-case that we have not covered, please contact us support@pdfgeneratorapi.com

Generate a PDF with data from your Wix site

It the previous examples we have used static object as the data parameter value, but it is also possible to use your data from Wix database. The ability to use data directly from your database gives you a lot of possibilities to generate transactional documents like invoices, packing slips, certificates and reports. In the example repository you can find getStoreProducts function in backend/datasource.jsw which shows how to get your product records from Wix database.
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Send generated PDF via email

Most of the transactional email APIs (e.g SendGrid, Mailchimp) allow you to add attachments to your email as base64 encoded content. You can use the same generatePDF function to generate the base64 PDF content and add it directly to your email API request.
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Generate a URL to PDF

Our API allows you to generate PDF and store it temporarily (for 30 days) to our service. You can access the generated PDF via unique URL that you receive as API request response. You can use the generatePDFUrl function that you can find in backend/pdfapi.jsw. You can use the link to open generated PDF from your application without storing it on your application.
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Generate a PDF and save to Wix database

You can generate base64 encoded PDF file that you can store to your Wix database and later re-use to send emails, display to user or prompt download.
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How PDF Generator API works?

Don’t worry about the document generation layer in your software - we will handle it.


Create a Template

Create templates with our browser-based drag-and-drop document editor.


Send an API request

Merge templates with data from your software using our REST API.


Get the document

Receive a PDF or HTML document which you can download or store in your software.

What our customers say about us?

I would recommend PDF Generator API to everyone that needs to print something into PDF. Think about it: if you are creating software that focuses on accounting then you want to focus on accounting. You shouldn't waste time with coding fancy forms that you can easily drag-drop using PDF Generator API.
PDF Generator API allows our customers to quickly design and print multiple template types for Invoices, Picking/Packing Slips, Drop Notes, Address labels and pretty much any other document. Building a similar functionality in-house would have cost a lot of money in terms of resource.

Example templates

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with our editor, for more examples click here.

Form FDA 2253

Form FDA 2253

Monthly Report

Monthly Report



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